Dear Chefs and Culinary Friends,

Plan your future and the future of Myanmar, support your junior staff…..
Please see the attached files for the official letters and Application
form for the ASEAN Master Assessors and Master Trainers for F and B
Services division program which will be conducted from 24 November to
12 December, 2014 in Philippines.

Please send the appropriate nominees and apply for your self in time.

Best Greetings from Ngapali Beach – Rakhine ” Green Tourism 2014 “



Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
National Training & Certification Committee Myanmar
WCWB – Myanmar, Ngapali Beach Rakhine Tourism  29.8.2014 

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Food for 1000 Solar Lights

1000 $ US from 2 night dining for the “1000 Solar Light” project of Ngapali – World Chefs Without Borders, through a meal atYUMMIE SEN Restaurant. For students and families in rural Rakhine villages to have light to study, be save at night from snakes and other danger. A convenience for us usual as the lives breath.

“…The first weekend of September we have a culinary buffet for Myanmar…..” owner and philanthropist Chef Alice Dean from Belgium states…… ”  …People can eat what they want and as much as they want for 1 price : €35 (all incl. )…..; We call it Food for Light the income of each meal is +/- enough for a donation of a solar light to a family in Rakhine State,- the least developed state in Myanmar.


The founder and owner of YUMMIE SEN restaurant, Chef Alice Deen is not a new comer to Myanmar, Myanmar Chefs or Aid to Myanmar. Already over 10 years ago Alice collected money in Belgium to set up community workshops, farms, business for not fortunate people in the dry zone of Bagan. The profits were thought and used for medical treatment of HIV patients which could not afford treatment that time. Chicken & pig farms were built, a community house with tailor training for young women was built, local young men were equipped with horse carts to earn a daily living through the at that time soft tourism in Bagan and all over Myanmar.

Myanmar Chefs Association worked much together with Chef Alice already since 2000 and later she supported MCA – WCWB efforts of medical aid and free surgical treatment to poor people from Myanmar s dry zone by German specialist Drs to Myanmar an ongoing aid project since over 18 years now.   With her medical background she often stood herself in the OP theaters or took the human touch part for the patients still when the Drs were at their home countries already. Organizing and financial supporting poor patients from rural areas to the hospitals where the German teams of Interplast Munich, Dr Heinz Schoeneich worked free of charge in plastic surgery at now already well over 4000 patients.

The YUMMIE SEN Restaurant is part of a wider philosophy and YU SEN treatment retreat of Alice Dean and her family. The ” YUMMIE SEN specialty of the house are gluten-free, lactose-free, vegetarian, organic dining.But also meat-eating people (like you) can come and eat. her daughters are ELS and EVY……..


“….1 meal – 1 time dinner will be enough light for the next 10 to 20 years for a whole family, just in change of 1 meal…- environmental friendly through Solar Light. Saturday 6.9.2014 is already overbooked.– Sunday 7.9.2014 still some places available. You are welcome to join…….” Chef Alice Dean continues telling us.

“…. I can put the +/- €1000 ( round 1400 $ US ) aside for the solar project of World Chefs Without Borders – Myanmar, here in Thandwe District Rakhine State — So you already can order the solar lamp s and panels s. Money is on the way from Belgium Chef to Myanmar. “…greetings from Alice,, —-

“…. If possible send me some extra picturesfrom donations solar ….” was Alice right request with big pleasure and as usual we and the Chefs of MCA – WCWB will ensure such in the beginning of the new season,– most probably in conjunction with the ” International World Chefs Day 2014 “. 100 % transparency and donor recognition is the only way for us to stay in trust and build a supporting future with the many people which like to help where help is needed.

Belgian Culinary greetings, yours

Chef Alice — YUmmie SEN &  Oliver E Soe Thet, Global WCWB

*, * via telefoon 013.335328* per mail 

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Chef of the month August 2014- AGHEE / MCA Pastry Expert

Aghee – MCA Pastry Expert , in Rakhine State – Ngapali, Thandwe with new & First Pastry & Bakery Center,-


 Aghee one of the leading members of the ” MCA – Myanmar Pastry Alliance “,- and his team of Pastry lecturer came to Ngapali Beach , Thandwe District in Rakhine State for valuable training in Pastry and Bakery and set up of a new, modern Pastry production site at the Excellent Restaurant near Linthar Village – ” Ngapali Beach ” Myanmar s prime beach destination.


After shifting all the modern bakery & pastry equipment including an Ice Cream machine over the Rakhine Yoma ( Mountains ), setting up the first such pastry training center in Rakhine state.


A most valuable activity for one of the least developed State in Myanmar,- mostly neglected over decades by the central Government but also abandoned by educated and business doing Rakhine them self which prefer to live in developed Yangon ( having there even an own Rakhine Minister in Yangon ), or are working for best salaries in Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand if not migrated to USA at all. Little interest most of these Rakhine nationals have to come back and help to develop their mother state,– as some of the senior Rakhine politicians found out on a trip to Malaysia in late 2013 by them self when they tried to bring back well trained and able to invest young Rakhine to their home land.

Aghee, who started at the Season s Bakery of City Mart many years ago, before he jumped into independence, as consultant, travelling all over Myanmar, help and establish ” Sweet Dream – Realities “

He,- which is founder and owner of the International Pastry & Bakery Center in Yangon, often reaches to rural area Myanmar and gets assignments to start pastry training centers ,- a best way to give young people a chance to step into a vocational training, specially with higher demands on quality and quantity through a good growth in Tourism and Myanmar s Hospitality at rural areas far from close to any international standard, owns a big thank you to Aghee and his team of ” Sweet Dreams ” .

Sure so also in Ngapali Beach and Thandwe Aghee with his new products and use of quality items will set a new standard and others have to follow which will result in an all over raise of quality in pastry and bakery products ,- first in Thandwe Distict and Ngapali beach but sure also will effect the state capital Sittwe and Northern Rakhine State. A real left behind and let alone area,- by the Rakhine Nationals them self which moved since decades to the east and abandoned the western part of their state and land.

We are looking forward already for a time in a year or so to have a first pastry competition at Ngapali Beach give incentive to the young Rakhine which stay and help to build up their homeland though education, vocational training, hard work and development rather than just running away for an easy quick money. Sure the future is in Rakhine with so many natural resources, its beaches, many islands and marine diversity.

Thanks to Aghee and his team of International Pastry & Bakery Center in Yangon to contact all time at:   Than Zaw Oo – ; Or just use Face Book as it goes that Aghee is Mr Face Book of Myanmar — at least when it comes to pastry, bakery or cooking…….     

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MCA Charity Tournament 2014




Dont forget to register to secure a place in the game on 8th and 9th November 2014.

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Consumer Protection in Myanmar

A bonfire of food products that the Consumer Protection Association of Myanmar says may be dangerous to health. (Photo: Consumer Protection Association of Myanmar / Facebook )

Yangon — A Burmese consumer advocacy group has launched a campaign to confiscate and incinerate food products believed to be harmful to health.


In smaller versions of Burmese authorities’ regular ceremonies to burn large caches of seized narcotics, the Consumer Protection Association of Myanmar (CPAM)—a privately funded nongovernmental organization—is making pyres of packets of noodles and other snacks that it says are dangerous.

Director Ba Oak Khine said the group is working with municipal authorities in Burma’s major cities to enforce laws on food standards that are otherwise ignored in the campaign that began in Naypyidaw on Aug. 15.

“We will start the campaign in Rangoon within this month,” said Ba Oak Khine.

“We are still coordinating with the Mandalay municipal committee to launch the campaign in Mandalay.”

He said the products being confiscated were mostly readymade food including moldy packaged food, snacks made using banned chemical dyes, soft drinks with stimulant additives and imported food products that do not have their ingredients written in English or Burmese—which should not be sold in Burma, according to the Consumer Protection Law passed this year.

“We’ve seen that some sausages imported from China are marked in Chinese as dog food on the package,” said Ba Oak Khine by way of an example.

“But those sausages are sold for people here in Burma. The people buy the sausages because they do not understand the Chinese on the food package.”

Food products that are endangering people’s health have been cheaply and widely available in Burma for more than a decade, according to Ba Oak Khine, who blames ineffective countermeasures taken by the authorities.

Burma does have a Food and Drugs Association (FDA) charged with enforcing the rules around food products on sale in the country. And officials insist that they carry out regular surveys in markets and school canteens to look for potentially dangerous food, but identifying illegal products can take time.

“We usually send food samples back to the lab to test whether it includes harmful ingredients. Sometimes we do on-the-spot tests, like testing for chemical food coloring,” said a deputy director at the FDA, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“Whenever we find some dangerous food that is not fit to be consumed, we put notices about those foods in the state newspaper.”

So far, there has not been any collaboration between the FDA and CPAM, despite their common goal.

“We cannot be sure whether every kind of food that is being confiscated by CPAM for being harmful to consume is actually dangerous or not,” the FDA official said.

Ba Oak Khine insisted that the group only confiscates products in breach of the Consumer Protection Law.

“According to the law, any readymade food product that is allowed to be sold within the country must have manufacturing date, expiry date and ingredients all displayed in Burmese or English on the package,” said Ba Oak Khine.

“The foods that we’ve confiscated all do not have these displayed on their package. Therefore we believe these foods are not suitable for people to consume.”

He added that CPAM targets the main distributors in big cities such as Rangoon and Mandalay.

“The large scale distributors in big cities are the main sources from which smaller shops around the country get these dangerous food products,” said Ba Oak Khine.

“If we target these distributors first, then we can reduce the availability of these products within the country while also cutting off the inflow of these products from the border regions.”

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Bronze in Pattaya

“ Pattaya City Culinary Challenge 17.8.2014 “


Myanmar Chefs Association Team – won 4th international Bronze Medal Award in 2014, this time at prestigious “ Pattaya City Culinary Challenge 17.8.2014 “ in Thailand.With culinary team leader Oliver E Soe Thet of Laguna Lodge – Ngapali Beach, Chefs – Aung Myo Lwin of Parkroyal Hotel, Zin Maw Win & Jan Moeller of Belmond Governors Residence, Swe Moe Tha of Sule Shangri – La, Hotel Yangon.    “ Pattaya City Culinary Challenge 2014 “ saw 15 international chefs teams competing each other. Champignon was the team of Northern Thailand and the runner up went to Taiwan Chefs team. Where 20 portion of each course seafood buffet, plus a 10 portion protein main course must be cooked and presented in 4 hours to a World Chefs certified Jury. It is the 4th International Bronze Award MCA Chef Teams won in 2014 already, after bronze awards in FHA Singapore, Mekong River Challenge & Thailand World Cup both in Bangkok. more info or 09 513 8411 // 01 532278 …….

Greetings from

Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
Yangon 20.8.2014 

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MCA Myanmar Chefs & Young Myanmar Chefs Association join with USDA the US Trade department for another
cook of on US Products used in Western and Myanmar Cuisine .


Global President of World Chefs Without Borders, Chef Willment Leong and President of Myanmar Chefs Association
will conduct the trainings and new idea  s giving to Chefs in Yangon on how to use US Cheese, Raisin and Potato in western and
Myanmar cuisine.

This Wednesday 20.8.2014 – 8:00 am to 17:00 pm a full day , certified seminar, free of charge further education for all
MCA members and friends of MCA members….

Today already , 19.9.2014 Myanmar Young Chefs and Chefs of Myanmar World Chefs Without Borders under the lead of Chef and
WCWB ambassador for Myanmar Savoy Chef Thurein Htun picked up Chef Willment & his assistant from Yangon Airport , than to Than Zee

- Iron Market for best Prawns and  other fresh items . Chefs Aghee, Dominic Mang and Moe Moe Khaing ( just back from Mid east ),
helped the whole afternoon at the Parkroyal Hotel Yangon s Kitchen next to the excellent support by the Hotels Pastry Kitchen staff.

Get more info after the event , yours

Oliver E Soe Thet
MCA Yangon , Global  Board member of World Chefs Without Borders
Yangon 19.8.2014 

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MCA Charity Golf Tournament 2014

The charity golf tourmament 2014 is under full planning.


Please visit: for more information and registration.

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Bronze in Pattaya

Many Greetings from Pattaya – Myanmar Chefs Team won again the Bronze Award at the Hard fought for

Pattaya City Culinary Challenge 2014 .


The Thai Team of Chiang Mai won the this year all over Gold Medal and Taiwan won the second award ….We will have a celebration tonight at Pattaya and tomorrow back to Yangon at the evening Air Asia ..

More detail news on the great team and the challenges tomorrow from here .

All the best and thanks to all team members with fought so well for the best as Aung Myo Lwin, Shwe Moe Tha, and Jan Moeller.

Oliver E Soe Thet

Pattaya – 17.8.2014 – 20:30 pm

….and the battle continues

Pattaya 2014………



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