Flooding Disaster !

Urgent Donation for Flood Victims Myanmar

Help the Helping Hands

Myanmar Chefs, MCA support  the Flood Victims in Kawlin & Rakhine   Yangon and Mandalay. 

MCA chefs collect aid items for donation for the first aid convoy to Kawlin as well Rakhine & Chin State within the next 2 weeks ( 10.8.2015). All Items will be handed over direct into the hands of the victims. Also after 4 weeks follow up. In Sittwe – Mrauk Oo they talk about over 50 dead people while the Government talks about only 18 for Rakhine,- real numbers  can be guessed much higher also in Chin   Donations Urgent Needed – items:   Shoes, Slipper, Cloth, Beans, Cooking Oil, Ngapi, Dry Fish, Blankets, Pots, Plates, Plastic Kitchen Bowls, household etc etc

Yangon Contact: MCA Office ( for Boe Moe Street 30 – Sanchaung, 01 501123,angel@myanmar.com.mm )

Donations Urgent Needed – new items:   Shoes, Slipper, Cloth, Beans, Cooking Oil, Ngapi, Dry Fish, Blankets, Pots, Plates, Plastic Kitchen Bowls, household etc etc

Giant Flooding in Myanmar


– Karen State might be under water within the next three days , – 
– Kalaymyo Chin State under water
– the below stationed Kalay Wa will be under water with 24 hours ,
– Kawlin the first places are waiting for aid under water since weeks
– Minbya Rakhine and Sittwe got caught with flooding ….. 30.7.2015





Dear Friends here the update latest Pictures and more are coming in any minute from
our partner and Chefs in up country Myanmar at the spot news come in from all Myanmar
every minute….. share with us and share this with others support the Chefs activity
to help the helping hand and the people in needs often now left alone …

Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
Global Board World Chefs Without Borders 
Muenich 30.7.2015

Flooding in Myanmar

Overnight flooding in Kalaymyo upper Myanmar Sagain / Chin state from 30.7. to 31.7.2015

This is dramatic and all people try to reach the near chin mountains

Myanmar 31.7.2015

International Indian Chef Competition, Singapore 2015

(In conjunction with Suvai 2015 and Singapore Food Festival 2015)
Prizes First: SGD $3,000.00 , Second: SGD $2,000.00 , Third: SGD $1,000.00
All wining Chefs will be presented during the prize presentation ceremony by the Guest of Honor.

Myanmar Chefs Association is happy and proud that we could send with the support of Parkroyal Hotel Yangon and Coriander Leave Restaurants Yangon 2 Indian Cuisine Chefs to Singapore. Special thanks here to Hermann Feigl, F&B Director Parkroyal Hotel Yangon, the MCA Office and Y-MCA President Chef Than Naing Tun in Singapore for all their time invested and still hand s on supporting the two chefs.




The event is arranged by the Singapore Tourism Board and the Indian Chefs Association – Singapore which invited MCA and its Chefs to join the prestigious culinary event. We like to say also thank you to the Singapore Embassy for the smooth and quick issue of Visa and full support to the Chefs from Myanmar.

To event will showcase the in-depth knowledge and cooking skills of competing chefs in creating dishes themed,- Indian Contemporary Culinary Art within a short period of time.
The Competing Teams comprise of 2 representing Chefs from each country.

For Myanmar the two Yangon based Top Indian Cuisine Chefs.

Lead Chef:   MCA Chef Dhan Singh – Parkroyal Hotel Yangon
Sup.  Chef:   MCA Chef Harpal Singh- Coriander Leave Restaurant

The Competition Mechanics:
The First Round: 30.7.2015 at open air Boogies Street – Singapore
Each team is required to replicate a Singapore local iconic dish which will only be revealed on the competition day. All competing team must only use the cooking materials and ingredients provided by the Organizer.
Each team is required to prepare (1) portion of this dish within 60 mins.
Results of the First round will be announced on the First Round day

The Final Round: 30.7.2015 at open air Boogies Street – Singapore
Each team will be given a mystery box which they will need to use all the ingredients inside to create a menu in accordance to the theme given.
Each team is required to prepare a (3) course meal with (2) portions of each course:
Indian Cuisine – Starter    – Main Course   – Dessert

Each team must complete the task within 120 mins.,- Organizer will provide the following for the entire competition: 1. All cooking utensils and cooking wares  2. All plates for plating
Competing Teams are allowed to bring their own personal knives sets and cooking tools.
Cook Off Arena will be using induction stoves. Competing Teams are NOT permitted to bring any raw materials into the competitions.

We wish the two MCA Chefs and Team Leader Chef Than Naing Tun all the best and the bit of luck,– so the main aim is getting experience and exposure as well hold the Myanmar Flag high up in a Culinary International Spirit of Professionals in Myanmar s young Hospitality Industry , yours

Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
At present – Austria 29.7.2015 

MCA at SUVAI 2015

MCA Chefs join International Culinary Challenge at 22nd year of “SUVAI 2015 “,-
The Singapore Food Festival 2015, arranged by the Singapore Tourism Board.
“ A Fresh Taste of Tradition “, the 2015 theme for all the chefs,- Heritage Cuisine of Asia.
Traditional & Modern Cuisine, Education of traditional and modern interpretation of Indian Cuisine.

For MCA and Myanmar Chefs the two Yangon based chefs:
– Chef Dhan Singh of Parkroyal Hotel Yangon
– Chef Harpal Singh of Coriander Leave Restaurant Yangon

Joined the race,- also thanks to Herman Feigl, F&B and Director of Kitchens at Parkroyal Hotel
Yangon for all his assistance to put the team together and get all the needed paperwork on the way.
Not to forget he had arranged a good support for the two chefs of Indian Cuisine working in Yangon
– to be well looked after and assisted by the chefs of Parkroyal Hotel Singapore in terms of utensils
and kitchen equipment making the whole project much more easy.
In Singapore as usual President of Young Myanmar Chefs Association, Chef Than Naing Tun welcomes
the Chefs and give an additional hand and support as well does the documentation for MCA news, FB
and website alike..

The Indian Culinary Association Singapore which invited MCA and Chefs working in Myanmar arrange
all Airport transfer and on 29.7. a meeting on all areas and procedures will be near Bugies Street, – the
area for the Culinary events on 30. & 31.7.2015.
30.7.2015 the Chefs have to cook a “ Signature Dish of Singapore , “ Indian Flavor in Modern setting,
like Fish Head  Curry “.
On 31.7.2015 the two chefs from Myanmar need to compete 12 other countries chefs in a three course
Indian Set Menu. Appetizer, Main Course and Indian Dessert also in Modern Display, so Indian Classical
taste and originality.
The cooking is open to public at Bugies Street a real fun fair to all public and fun for the Chefs.
The winner teams will be announced at the event on the evening of 31.7.2015.

We wish Chef Dhan Sigh of Parkroyal Hotel Yangon and Chef Harpal Singh of Coriander Leave Yangon all the
best and the always bit of good Luck on the way and a great success, thank you now already to the Indian
Chefs Association Singapore, to Chef Than Naing Tun of Y-MCA and Herman Feigl with MCA Office staff
for the great efforts which made all these culinary exposure for chefs working in Myanmar happen. As well
to be proud that the Culinary Flag from Myanmar joins just another international event – globally recognized
Cooking Event.- make Myanmar Chefs known in the World.

Happy to welcome the chef back on Tiger Air, morning flight on Saturday 1.8.2015 to Yangon Airport.

Good Luck Chefs, and always Keep it Hot and Keep it Cooking for Chefs from Myanmar, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
Gross Glockner – Austria 28.9.2015

Flood Aid

Flood Aid – Myanmar Chefs MCA – WCWB start Aid Donation Initiative for Kawlin ( Sagain )


Myanmar Chefs Association & World Chefs Without Borders started an initiative to collect donations as household items, clothing, shoes,
dry fish, ngapi, beans, cooking oil, blankets in Yangon and Mandalay at MCA outlets, which is planned as a first aid convoy to Kawlin
within the next 2 weeks.

At the moment MCA will accept all the donation in different places & at MCA Office ( for Boe Moe Street 30 – Sanchaung, 01 501123 ) , as well at
Chef Kyaw Hoe’s place for Ma Yann Gone Area,
Chef Zaw’s house for Hledan Area,
Chef Tun Tun’s restaurant for Downtown area,
Chef Aghee’s Place for Mingalardon Area,
Chef Soe Oo’s place for North Dagon Area.
Chef Aung Naing Htu – Mandalay
Contact numbers will be out soonest.

MCA has on Sundays a car also to pick up donated items in Yangon region, for the flood victims around Kawlin.

All donation will be given direct to into the victims hands through ” Flood Relieve Committee Kawlin & House Members ” arrangements and by MCA Chefs hands.
Each Donor will get direct a donation certificate at Yangon MCA and outlets

Contact and address / phone of above under: http://www.myanmarchefs.wordpress.com // http://www.myanmarchefs.com

For Yangon: Chef Thu Rein thurein61@gmail.com , info@myanmarchefs.com,  & angel@myanmar.com.mm
For Mandalay: Chef Aung Naing Htu aungnaingthumdy@gmail.com, Shwe Ingyi Hotel MDL
Chefs — Keep it and Keep it Cooking…..

Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
Global Board – World Chefs Without Borders
Austria – 27.7.2015

More background Info Flooding Myanmar

MANDALAY — Burma’s flood-ravaged northern regions are bracing for another deluge, after the Department of Meteorology warned of possible heavy rains due to a storm in the Bay of Bengal.

The announcement, issued by the department on Monday, warned that the storm was gaining strength and was expected to lead to torrential rain in several locations across the country.

“Within 24 hours, the upper Sagaing region, Pegu, Rangoon and Irrawaddy divisions, and Shan, Chin, Arakan, Mon and Karen states will receive heavy rain for about three days,” the department said. “Locals living in mountainous and low-lying areas should beware of possible landslides and sudden rises in the water levels of rivers and streams.”

Though water levels have dramatically receded in many areas hit by flooding last week, locals remain displaced from their homes and in need of relief.

“What we need now is clean water, foods and medicine,” said Tin Tun, a resident of Kawlin in Sagaing Division. “We currently still stranded at the monastery as our homes are still underwater, while some other homes have been washed away.”

Locals said that government and private volunteers had been attempting to provide relief, but some villages in Sagaing still remain out of reach. Much of the area in the upper part of the division is still inundated, and thousands have taken refuge in monasteries and schools after evacuating their homes.

According to the locals, tens of thousands of crop fields have been flooded in Sagaing Division. Dams and dykes located in the region are reportedly still overflowing, while roads remain blocked and a length of the Mandalay-Myitkyina rail line has washed away.

“Recently, the Thaphanseik Dam in Kantbalu Township overflowed so the authorities opened all the gates to reduce the water. The rain keeps pouring. We who live in low-lying areas are worrying and some have even left,” said Kyaw Khin, a resident of Khin-U Township.

In Mandalay’s Thabeikkyin Township, a creek broke its banks and washed out some homes, killing at least eight locals with five still missing.

A bridge in the Shan State town of Hsipaw collapsed under the weight of a strong current on Saturday, killing three, wounding two and leaving three others missing. Further south in Namsang, a Sunday landslide destroyed at least 10 homes and displaced dozens of locals.

To the west, dozens of homes were inundated in Kalaw, and volunteers have been distributing food and medicine to those displaced by the rains.

Flooding was also reported in Kachin State townships of Hpakant and Moekaung, as well as the Mandalay towns of Mogok and Tagaung.

MCA in Greece


MCA Chef join Global Culinary Educational Events in Singapore 24.6.2015

On the invitation of At Sunrice Global Culinary Academy in Singapore through Ma Sandi Htun

to Myanmar Chefs Association, a cooperation and best friendship which goes many years back.




The young chefs of MCA were fortunate to join the annual graduation ceremony of this within top ten culinary schools world wide at the Sentosa World on 24.6.2015. Learning about the different culinary courses and modules which are at offer to become a top expert in culinary field , Asian as well Western style…Pastry and management.

The young MCA Chefs took part in the grand ceremony, 1300 graduates the  school had this year. – three master classes we attended the most interesting by US TV Star Chef Martin Yan, – which talked about his

over 3600 TV shows and what can happen and more how to solve it professionally.

Chef Moe Moe Khaing & US TV Star Chef Martin Yan,

Chef Moe Moe Khaing was,  very proud to be at the lecturer next to TV star Chef Martin Yan, interesting were also the Global Job experts for top culinary positions and many knowledge was gathered there for all Myanmar Chefs , Myanmar Pastry Chef Horaze now SATS, – a year ago was the most outstanding Pastry Student at At Sunrice, not surprising with an Engineering degree from Australia ahead of pastry. He joined us the day. Chef Horace brought the Myanmar Signature Dish ” Potato Pudding ” into the Singapore Airline Business Class and so thousand s of time Myanmar Cuisine daily to the world of guests.

At the late afternoon the Myanmar Chefs team visited the next door Universal Studios and high quality Singapore culinary entertainment.

MCA Chefs at German ” Dick Professional Knifes ” – Mrs Veronica welcomed the team at her wonderful shop and small paradise for chefs and pastry chefs. Quick all MCA chefs found tools and utensils for the home kitchens back in Yangon – un able to get there. Mrs Veronica of Dick Knifes Singapore was so kind and gave great professional discounts and a present each to the Myanmar Chefs.

A very big thank you to Mrs Veronica as she together with Young Chefs President Than Naing Tun arranges since years the ” Dick Professional Knifes ” donations to Myanmar chefs through Singapore to Myanmar, where MCA is since able to honor outstanding Myanmar young Chefs with professional German Dick Chefs knife sets. This is and was always outstanding jobs for the Chefs in Myanmar , ” Thank you Veronica “…. so she topped the day for the MCA Chefs with a great lunch at a new Australian Bistro style restaurant,- open kitchen top but different plating s — again a whole day full of culinary education and new things to see …. Thank you also to ” German Dick Professional Knifes “.

Next we followed the invitation to At Sunrice Culinary School campus next day, more here tomorrow , yours      Oliver E Soe Thet, President Myanmar Chefs Association, Singapore 24.6.2015

MCA Young Chefs at Global Culinary Platform – 16 Nations Challenge 2015

In Singapore – Next to culinary powerhouses as Canada, USA, Czech Republic, Singapore and Hong Kong, the young Myanmar Chefs and only Female Chef team ” Moe Moe Khaing & Zin Myo Nwe ” representing Myanmar at this high decorated and biggest ever culinary team challenge in Singapore and Asia. 

–   Chef Moe Moe Khaing many award winning Chef and MCA fine dining lecturer

–   Chef Zin Myo Nwe Chef the Party Le Planteur and FHA medal winner 2014




20.6. to 26.6.2015, MCA followed the invitation of Angliss and Singapore Chefs Association to this with 16 culinary top international team biggest ever culinary challenge,- for us and the Myanmar young Chefs  to see, learn and grow, pass the experience to the next generation of Myanmar Cteam hefs.

MCA Secretary Daw Khin Khet Khet Khaing and Chef Moe Moe Khaing Husband send the MCA team off at Yangon Airport Team Leader Oliver E Soe Thet and assistant chef Kyaw Kyaw in the team.

At Singapore the MCA team was welcome by Daw Sandi Htun our best supporter in Singapore from AtSunrice, one of the 10 best Culinary Institutes world wide straight to the Marina Mandarin as host Hotel for the chef teams.  MCA Junior Vice Chairman and MCA Young Chefs co founder Chef Than Naing Tun arrived from SATS duty arrived in time for the 18:00 pm Competition briefing and cocktail reception. Chef Zin Myo Nwe took to the lucky draw for the kitchen slot and best drew No 14 = second round cooking on 22.6.2015 a bit an advantage  as the team can see the others trend and performance, no need to make the mistakes of others which watching them.

The Competition Judged by global top judges as Otto Weibel, Rick Stephens, Ruedi Mueller and Edmund Toe.

First and best treat than at the cocktail reception where Marina Mandarin Executive Chef Tony Khoo and Chef Tuck Wai team put together a highest standard snack buffet implementing many new dishes of Tony s latest cook book ” Heritage Cook Book Singapore ” as the reinvention of ” Chili Crab ” , slow cooked beef, Foie Gras and Duck Rilet, Oyster Mousse in its shell with Russian Caviar. Topped by best chocolate sweets and Palm Sugar Ice Granite all in Traditional settings of highest Quality.

The 21.6. will have an educational Tour to the culinary places of Singapore, at afternoon as a side event a World Chefs Without Borders global board meeting will take part on the charity fund raising s for Vanuatu and Nepal, as well SOP fine tune and global communication of such specially for disaster preparedness and rapid assessment  knowledge for highest transparency.

22.6. the Competition day all day at Marina Mandarin, over 1000 guests are invited to see these biggest ever culinary team challenge.

24.6. and 25.6. MCA Chefs follow the invitations of AtSunrice Culinary Academy for their graduation ceremony at Sentosa , followed by an hospitality interaction event at the School it self, which gives the Myanmar Chefs next to an inside talk and meeting with global player of the Hospitality Industry as well have a tour through the AtSunrice ” State of the Art ” culinary school and all different specialized culinary classes as chocolate class, wine class, coffee class and so on. A very big Thank you here to At Sunrice founder and Myanmar Mrs Kwan Lui and for all arrangements and caring by Daw Sandi Htun.

Sandy and Chef Than Naing Tun really made great differences and open ways for the Myanmar Chefs team in Singapore.

Meeting with most outstanding AtSunrice pastry art student Horace from Myanmar and SATS Pastry Chef Eric Wong we try to buy already some Pastry equipment at ” Planet Kitchen ” for the new MCA Pastry Lab in Yangon. Owner – Mrs Veronica since years a great supporter to MCA and Myanmar Chefs.

All in all a round and all over culinary adventure and educational MCA Chefs visit to Singapore , the culinary power house in Asia, next to the ” Angliss Culinary Challenge 2015 ” .

Thank you to all which made this happening for the young Myanmar Chefs, as Chef Willment , Tony Khoo, H.E. Mr Robert Chua – Singapore Ambassador in Myanmar, the Restaurants in Yangon which gave time free for the Chefs to join this culinary mission.

Looking forward for more and new challenges to Myanmar young Chefs in near and far future as we have invitations again to ( young Chefs to register at MCA Office 01 501123 )  :

– Thailand    01. to  6.09.2015

– Malaysia   18.9. to 2.10.2015

– Cambodia  06. to 10.10.2015

– Germany Culinary Olympics 20. to 26.10.2016

Always keep it Hot and Allways keep it Cooking , yours

Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs Association

National Training & Certification Committee member Myanmar

Global Board member, World Chefs Without Borders

Singapore 21 6.2015

MCA – Oliver ask Chefs Which of the 8 Food items can you cook perfect

Dear Chef s

We are looking into an ASEAN Culinary Promotion

Pls take a look and let me know which of these food items you are able to

cook perfect …., best taste and where did you cook it already ???

Can you cook all dishes for 7 person in 2 hours ????

AEC Chefs Challenge 2015

Pls send me an urgent E mail If you feel you are the one Chef or you know the

one chef which could do so….

Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs Association

National Training & Certification Committee member, Myanmar

Global Board member, World Chefs Without Borders

Singapore 24.6.2015


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