More Medals in Cambodia

3 Culinary Award Medals for Myanmar Junior Team in Siem Reap Cambodia 8.10.2015
Myanmar Junior Chefs won again in an international culinary competition, 3 Bronze Medals in US Poultry – 2 course 1,5 hours as
well Beef – Maggi challenge over the past days in Siem Reap at Cambodia s Culinary annual competition.
Chef Kaung Myat Thu ,Junior Chef trained under Chef Myo Min Soe of Rosegarden Hotel Yangon won two medals each
while Chef Kaung Kyaing stroked after Bangkok Thailand Hotel & Food last month he ensured another WACS medal to his now
already good collection. He is supported by F&B head Li Ko Ko at The Bar Dubai in Yangon. Both head of departments with
great experience over many years from mid easy now passing the knowledge to the next Myanmar generation.
The  MCA,Myanmar Junior Chefs will after an Angkok Wat temple tour on 9.10.2015 arrive back to Yangon airport on 10.10.2015
with Air Asia afternoon flight.
Thank you to all supporters in Myanmar and specially the Cambodian Chefs Association , Chefs Wuthye and Chef Bora for the invitation
and great arrangements and best stay at top class Hotels and wonderful friendly hospitality in Cambodia, not the last time that MCA will
be here and happy to Invite the Cambodian Chefs Association to come and join Myanmar Chefs in June at Food & Hotel Myanmar 2016
and Myanmar Culinary Arts Competition 1.6. to 3.6.2016 in Yangon.
Congratulation to both Junior Chefs from Myanmar and their leader at home kitchens, yours
Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
World Chefs certified Culinary Judge
Siem Reap 8.10.2015, Cambodia

Medals for Junior Chefs

MCA NEWS  —  3 medals for Myanmar Junior Chefs in Cambodia 8.10.2015
Chef Kaung Myat Thu & Chef Kaung Kyaing achieved 3 medals at Hotel & Food Siem Reap
, more info later soon .


Thanks to their Department Heads & Executive Chef , Li Ko Ko and Myo Min Soe for the great
support and the never ending care for the young chefs of Myanmar …

Until soon , yours

Oliver E Soe Thet
MCA President
Siem Reap , Cambodia 7.10.2015

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MCA,- Myanmar Junior Chefs again at International Culinary Stage

Early Morning, Monday 5.10.2015 saw the MCA chefs again at the Yangon Airport,- bound for Siam Reap on the invitation of the Cambodia Chefs Association to join the culinary battles of Asian Chefs over “ Team US Poultry, Appetizer & Main Course and MCA registered the two young chefs direct also for the “ Beef & Maggi – Free Style Main Course.
Myanmar Ambassador of World Chefs Without Borders, Chef Thu Rein Htun farewell the MCA Chefs & WACS Judge team early at 6:00 am at Yangon Airport with MCA secretary Ma Khet Khet and the families of the Junior Chefs.  
Chef Kaung Myat Thu of Rosegarden and Chef Kaung Kyaing of The Bar@ Dubai Bar Restaurant we offered the opportunity after their good and professional culinary performance at the “ Food & Hotel Thailand 2015 “ in September, where the Myanmar Chefs took several
Medals and Diplomas home. We like specially to thank Chef Myo Min Soe and U LIn Ko Ko for the great support to have the young chefs get this chance and exposure – important as eye opener and proud Myanmar Hospitality member and possible future driver of our trade.
Training for the Cambodian event now was done at Premium Food Service kitchen, thank you here very much the whole Premium team & management,”as well at MCA head office “ small but possible and great events to fine tune the dishes, the timing and do the needed changes to display and items getting the final to a smooth cooked and well balanced nutritious and tasty meals.
We wish the chefs all the best and stand cool while in the culinary arena, get the bit of luck which often were missed to reach higher grounds.
The challenges are on 6./7./8.10.2015 , while Oliver E Soe Thet is involved as World Chefs certified culinary Judge.
The 9.10.2015 will be for a full Buddhist temple tour of Anchor Wat arranged by the Cambodia Chefs Association.
The Myanmar Junior Chefs will stay at the noble “ Karavansara Retreat@“ Siam Reap @ Cambodia.
With happiness we met at the flights also the Myanmar Restaurant Association, represented by U Sonny Aung Khin and U Nyi Nyi.
From Siam Reap, yours
Oliver E Soe Thet
MCA President
World Chefs Without Borders , global board member
National Training & Certification Committee member, Myanmar
Siam Reap 2015., 5.10

" Paul ",- The Clean Water solution for Flood hit North Rakhine State

PAUL = Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving,— 1200 Ltr a day equal use for 400 people

8.9. to 13.9. Myanmar Chefs Association with World Chefs Without Borders ( MCA-WCWB ) and German Demira ( medical & demining ) INGO brought for the very first time a latest technology easy to handle and long lasting with near to no maintenance water filter to most rural area villages at North Rakhine State, Mrauk Oo and upper Laymyo River to lower Chin State in Myanmar s hardest flood hit region.
I am happy to write about this today on 20.9.2015 the International World Children s Day 2015, again on aid mission with a Myanmar River Boat but at River Rhine for globally 30 million child refugees fund raising.
An area where since 6 weeks when the flood disaster started no one had come anymore , no one brought rice , water , medical support since the first aid run at the beginning of the flood.
Next to 18 ton of rice, good for a two to three weeks ration for the over 1100 families and near 6000 people in two village groups, a German – Myanmar medical Drs team, 500 bot. & packs Nestle – Maggi soup and sauces we were able to bring into each village Group 2 no of ” Paul ” Water Filter donated through Prof Frechen of the University of Kassel and brought to Munich by its inventor Mr himself to the Airport Hanger of Demira, our International Aid partner at the Rakhine flood and medical aid project. Mr Martin Auracher welcomed Mr the inventor and arranged a 1000 kg medical aid and water treatment air cargo flown to Yangon Myanmar when MCA Secretary Daw Khet Khet could arrange the custom clearing at once and direct shift to Myanmar National Airways for the same day transfer to Sittwe and there to Mrauk Oo – the MCA-WCWB sub store in Mrauk Oo at Prince Hotel.
With a Big Thank You to Barmherzigkeit e.V. we were able to ship 1000 kg aid fast through Air Cargo from Munich to Yangon, MCA Secretary Ma Khet Khet could do all FOC custom clearing in just half a day and reached Myanmar National Airways for direct air shipment to Sittwe , including an ultrasound , an oxygen concentrator , several wheel chairs, 2 x 5000 ltr drinking water tanks foldable and water treatment tablets
for over 8 million Ltr clean drinking water and medical drugs through Medeor and Mr Martin of Demira s best and high speed arrangements,– 6 ” Paul ” were included which were brought in by its
inventor to Munich by him self . Paul also known as Water Backpack. PAUL = Portable Aqua Unit for Lifesaving
The first Pauls and medical drugs went direct with 12 volunteers of Yangon MCA which all came over night by bus ,- than truck and boats to the villages , first to Kyang Thaung , the procedure and handling as well maintenance of ” Paul ” was explained and direct hand s on training to ensure a best water quality for the villagers for a long time , each village will get 2 pauls as they have over 3000 people.
There are many more villages mainly forgotten in the hills of North Rakhine and lower Chin State as well along upper Laymyo River , much more help is needed, an also logistically not easy region, hot and humid at evening and 8 villages within the two main groups every one exhausted but happy as we could drink by our self dirty, cloudy water through Paul and here without chlorine smell / taste side effect which people here complained as not used to.
When we arrived next day again at the villages we followed up direct at “Pauls ” treatment by the villagers , all OK and they had made overnight already a proper wooden stand near the Monastery so every one
freely could use Paul for fresh Drinking water , but ” You feed Paul and than Paul feeds You “ , means first water in , never let Paul get Dry, than you can use fresh water instantly.
A great side effect now direct seen at the place , also the dishes now the village washes with Paul, – clean water a step further to reduce ” Water Born Sickness in some North Rakhine villages, much more is needed, could work well through other NGO s, INGO s and Civil Societies , we are ready to do it again and again.
Thank you very much Prof. Frechen and the Inventor and also the sponsor for ” Paul “, which stands quick at 7000 Euro plus transport, thank you to all Friends which made it possible and happen.
We are back to Irrawaddy Delta Zalone Township – Thetke Kyun village group with rice and more around 26.9.2015 – here we can than see and report how the first Paul developed and be used by the people.,
Prerequisites ” First You feed Paul and than Paul feeds You “
thumbnail images PAUL
The filter only needs water (e.g. from wells or rivers), to function. There are neither chemicals nor energy nor trained personnel required. The entire operation is shown in four pictograms, so that it can be operated without any prior knowledge, as a test with different population groups in India has shown.
The core of the device is a membrane filter unit. After it is set up at its destination, it is filled with about 100 litres of raw water from surface waters. After a waiting period of one to two minutes the filtered water flows out of the drain hose. During filtering raw water must be replenished continuously .
At about 1.15 metres of water pressure, the water is filtered through the membrane with a pore size of 20 to 100 nm. The device removes bacteria with an efficiency of 99.999% (measurement Institut Fresenius, E. coli and Coliform) and viruses to 99.9% (measured Bonn University, coliphages). A system based on ultrafiltration system (unlike Reverse osmosis based units) are not able to filter out solutes like salts or liquids like mineral oils. They pass through the membrane. Water contaminated with such substances therefore can not be cleaned.
A device with an average amount of 1200 litres of water is able to filters per day for 400 people with the Sphere standards (2011)[1] and to supply the necessary drinking water.
The device was developed in the Department of Urban Water Management in the Department of Civil Engineering the University of Kassel under the “German Federal Environmental Foundation” funded projects.
Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
Disaster Management in charge at
Global Board World Chefs Without Borders

Deepest Condolences

It is with great sadness for many young Myanmar Chefs to hear that Italian Master Chef Frank Costa
( 37 round years only ) all of a sudden passed away,- on Saturday 3.10.2015, in the middle of his culinary arts
performance. Well known in Yangon – Myanmar for the opening in charge of the Parami Pizza –
Shwegondine and here also all training s at the Parami Pizza 1 Restaurant.

To all his family and friends the best wishes from Myanmar Chefs Association,-

Oliver E Soe Thet MCA
Yangon, 3.10.2015

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Neptune Team Chefs Competition

Dear Chefs , Head Chefs, Management
Join the Below “ Neptun Team Chefs “ Competition October 2015
see an opportunity to show case your Chefs , your Restaurant , your Hotel with “ healthy Myanmar Food “.
We know it is short notice, so the investment is low as well the time, just an 2 hours “ a La carte “ for young
and energetic Chefs to take part and promote the Myanmar Seafood, Fisheries and Organic Vegetable Brown
Rice popularity for Healthy Export and Tourism A like. The Myanmar Fisheries Federation is a many years best
cooperation partner for Myanmar Cuisine and Seafood as well Cyclone Nargis when we built together over
700 fishing boats for Delta and Rakhine fishing families……one boat just drove the River Rhine from 18. to
20.9.2015 International World Children s Day 2015.  We would be happy if you and your Chefs could commit quickly
“ Win and support Winning for Myanmar – Organic Food & Sustainable Seafood “ ,- Oliver E Soe Thet

1st Myanmar Fishery Cooking Competition “ Neptun Chefs Team “
Healthy Food from Sustainable Fishing & Organic Rice & Vegetable
Yangon,- Myanmar Convention Center – Wednesday 14.10. to Friday 16.10.2015

Myanmar Chefs Association in cooperation with Myanmar Fisheries Federation, Myanmar Fishery Products Processing & Exporter Association, Myanmar Fish Farmers Association and Myanmar Organic Farming Association will hold the 1st Myanmar Fishery & Cooking Competition. Register Today – Deadline Sunday 4th October 2015.
Venue: Myanmar Convention Center
Dates : 14.10. – 15.10. & 16.10.2015
From  : 10:00 am to 16:00 pm

Awards : 1st Winner Trophy  & 250.000 Kyat “ MCA – MFF Award “
                 2nd Winner Trophy & 200.000 Kyat “ MCA – MFF Award “
                 3rd Winner Trophy & 150.000 Kyat  “ MCA – MFF Award “
                 Daily Best “ Neptun Team “ of Day, by Public Taste Vote – Trophy
                 Gold, Silver, Bronze Medals according to WACS judging scores
                 Certificate of Participation

Rules : “ Neptun “ Chefs Team of 2, ( 1 senior & 1 junior Chefs ( under 27 years, also for Students  )
             2 hours time to cook, “ Soup, Appetizer & Main Course with Organic Brown Rice”
             4 portion each to cook ( 1 for Judge, 1 for Display, 2 for Public Vote )
             Choose from Sea Bass, Thalapia or Catfish & Organic Vegetables & Herbs to use !!

Provided: Fish, Herbs, Vegetables, Brown Rice as above mentioned
                 Each Team Cooking Tables, 2 Gas Stoves, Cutting Board, PH7 Water for cooking
                 Share a basin and washing area
                 Some pots and pans not for all maybe
                 Possible Plates but need to be confirmed

             Chefs Need to Bring:

–        Full Chefs Uniform with Hats, ID Card, Recipe Card, Menu Name Cards
–        Other cooking ingredients as Oil, Wine, Cream, Herbs, Spice etc etc
–        Chefs Knifes, Rice Cooker, Blender,  Small Equipment

Register NOW at: & 01 501123 Ma Aye Nanda, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet, President Myanmar Chefs Association, a 1999 WACS member, YGN 30.9.2015

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BES-AllWorld supports Myanmar Young Chef,- Continue Winning International Awards

Food & Hotel Thailand September 2015

The Myanmar Chefs Association invited 4 young Chefs from Myanmar,
to participate in the International World Chefs, – WACS, endorsed Culinary Challenge TICC,
Thailand International Culinary Challenge 2015. Organized at the Food & Hotel Thailand 2015 at BITEC
Convention center by BES-Allworld a real good chance to compete against young chefs from S. Korea,
Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Philippines and Thailand as host country.
After the official applications sent out to all MCA members as well FB and website we selected
The Myanmar Chefs Team – Individual Cuisine
2 junior Chefs from Yangon , both national award winning active chefs.
– Chef Kaung Kyaing , – The Bar Restaurant, Parami Lan
– Chef Kaung Myat Thu,- Rosegarden Hotel Yangon
2 young Chefs from Mandalay, both with international experience
– Chef Aung Naing Thu,- Shwe Ingynn Hotel and Chairman of Mandalay -MCA Chefs
– Chef Kyaw Moe Khaing,- Fine Dining Restaurant Mandalay, Secretary Mandalay – MCA
Myanmar Chefs Association provided free flights, cargo, transfers & Hotels in Bangkok for the Chefs .
Lucky this time the two countries finally after two years agreed for Visa exception ( in May at Thaifex
MCA still paid over 900 $ US for Visa fees to Myanmar Chefs alone – the highest in all Asia ).
NOT Without Sponsors = Good Partners.
The most food ingredients needed as beef, seafood, pasta were provided by Grandwynn Enterprise, U
Nico and Ma Thitsa, as well Premium Food Service Mrs Wang Li Jun. U Nico also had some cash for the
young chefs for other spending in Bangkok,– Thank you very much to all supporter here clearly into
education and confidence building for a new generation of Myanmar Chefs.
All Chefs entered the individual race judged at WACS international culinary judging standards. In Beef,
Pasta, Seafood & Thailand raised and sponsored Duck.
The results after three days of competition :
– 2 great Bronze Medals ( 1 for Aung Naing Thu near a silver & 1 for Kaung Kyaing with another one very close to get )
– 11 grand Diploma Awards ( with three very close to a bronze medal )
Each competition is different and the judges are as well,– the WACS system of having 4 to 6 judges ensures usually that all works smooth and fair,- so small differences happen and with a bit more luck at next time Myanmar chefs also can win better.
Next to taste which is with 50 % the most important, presentation, hygiene and right cooking are very important. we saw from many chefs far to small portions , near no sauce, specially at the pasta challenge the judges mentioned this, also much room for our Chefs to improve here. A clear strength is with the Beef to Myanmar chefs as well seafood.
Thank you Chefs for the efforts,- we could see that the Rosegarden Chef Kaung Myat Thu had the best backup and support from home kitchen and management. clear to see on his own utensil box , china ware and very well done recipe card that we came well prepared. Chef Kaung Kyaing also well planned for his dishes. Chef Aung Naing Thu came with an own smoking style oven based on a bamboo steamer as well his own flavors for the smoke — this is what the Judges love to see innovation , thought trough and dedication.
A professional good Chef need to be full prepared and independent able to win a competition without relying full on all others.
A competition one chef cannot win by coming just with two knifes and not prepared, to do all only at side
, steels you valuable time and creates stress at your competition. Or simple all of a sudden a main course does not have a starch at all.
A grave mistake which is not needed if one follows the ” Minimum Requirements ” of Main Course culinary Judging. For such avoidable mistakes all the efforts and cost are to high,— young chefs need to be 120 % committed and weeks before enter the competition arena ” YOUR Winning Dish ” must be already on your daily special to order menu, to train daily in life situation as well to get the sure feedback from the guests a true test of your culinary invention….
Many greetings and thanks to 4 good Myanmar Chefs , happy to have you at near to come international competitions cooking again for Myanmar and for MCA.


Until soon again for pride and experience of Culinary Myanmar, yours
Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
WACS certified culinary Judge
National Training & Certification Committee member, Myanmar
Global Board, World Chefs Without Borders – Disaster Management
Munich / Yangon 23.9.2015

BES- Allworld brings ASEAN Cuisine s together at Culinary World Platform

Bronze Medal Awards to Myanmar Chef s Team, Ye Nanda Khin & Maung Ko Ko

Myanmar Chefs Team under arrangements of MCA and Word Chefs took part at the 1. time ever event of
ASEAN ECONOMIC COOPERATION ( AEC ) Culinary Challenge in September 2015 at BITEC Exhibition Center in Bangkok.
The AEC a brainchild of BES – AllWorld, Mr Justin Pau and WACS endorsed with arrangements of Chef Willment Leong, was the first time arranged for 8 of the 10 ASEAN countries chefs. From each country the signature dish was to cook in traditional – original way, the own countries dish was not cooked by the own s team. Each Country brought in one World Chefs certified WACS Judge t keep it free and fair,- which at same time was the main voice of his home dish cooked by others, that taste, texture, presentation, color were correct done.
All food ingredients, china ware and cooking utensils needed to be brought in, purchased in Bangkok or at home.
A special challenge of time and where to shop, so a central world department store is a best address for an all in one stop purchasing solution of high quality. So the first and second day we went and selected the items to be prepared and cooked, at competition most important to read the rules what can be done before the clock is running. After the briefing on arrival day the Myanmar chefs went to the first days two teams challenge, see and learn from them for next days race ” Myanmar – Malaysia “.
The Malaysian Chefs team again as mostly the past three years from the very active ” Penang Chefs Association ” a group of excellent team player with good coaching.
Myanmar Flood Victims Aid – Donation by Penang Chefs, 1154 $ US
It was also Penang Chefs which under the lead of Peter Chan, Audee, Bruce Lee, Judge Adolf and Chefs Chua Lay Yen & Darren Tan Yeok
Ping the Penang Chefs collected 1154 $ US and handed over to the young Chefs of Myanmar, for Rice, Housing and any needs to the victims of the flooding in Rakhine and Delta.
The Myanmar Team until midnight busy with mise en place in the rooms,- early next morning by mini bus to the competition for the 4 hours culinary battle. The team did well in team work Chef Ye Nanda and Mg Ko Ko work together and a smooth clean working was ensured all time.
The Cambodian team we learnt invited Chef Tony Khoo to learn the good skills for a Singapore Hainan Chicken Rice, all their menu they placed a month long at their restaurants daily menu an excellent way to get best used to the dishes , confident and fast cooking.
It was a hard battle and very close points between most teams and specially the first teams Malaysia and Singapore were to close to call easy, at the end Singapore came out as the winner in a fair judging. Where the final Judging discussions took over an hours as all was that close, highly transparent Chief Judge Tony Chang and the team went through each day and team. The Myanmar chefs of MCA were honored with a good Bronze Medal Award.
A great result and confirms again as so many times the past three years that Myanmar Chefs Association and the young chefs of Myanmar are on the right track ,- still learning, grooming and training for a better,- so already established as a culinary player at the Asian Culinary scene.
More in the details of pre competition work,- but easy to resolve are the issues the young Myanmar Chefs can boost their success and upgrade medals  to silver and gold. Here a most discipline from the moment a chef commits to join a competition, having done all recipes well the recipe book with good design, ingredients , amount as well how to do info, here easy more points can be gained very easy.
Having the chosen and to follow dishes set at an A la Carte menu to ensure that daily at Home Kitchen at NO Cost practice can be done.
The Hygiene level needs to be risen specially at the last third of time when the pressure mounts. Using the all time given and not finish 30 minutes early , while easy in the same time food products could have been upgraded in taste and texture…..
As we say in Football – The Game is 90 Minutes and non less…
Myanmar – Thailand top supporter visit the MCA Team
Ko Pony of Pepsi, Carlsberg Myanmar and the former Thailand Tourism & Development Minister visited the Myanmar team and took a picture with the young Chefs of Myanmar and Oliver E Soe Thet at the AEC Culinary Challenge 2015.
All over it was a good success with chef Mg Ko Ko first t me participating at a competition, first time left Myanmar and first time ever flew in an airplane.
For Chef Ye Nanda Khin it was the third international Team Challenge for Myanmar Chefs,— time for Ye Nanda also to enter into the individual competition.
We with the two Myanmar Chefs all the best and all are proud to have Chef Ye Nanda Khin and Chef Mg Ko Ko at the International team selection for Myanmar Chefs also in the future…
 ” Keep it Hot and Keep if Cooking “, With best Regards, yours Oliver E Soe Thet, President MCA Munich 22.9.2015.

Vocational Training


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Gone,….but not forgotten

It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of one of our great friends and Chefs.


                                                                                                     Sifu Shi Zheng Liang

The MCA and all friends, family and Chefs are deeply saddened by the sudden loss of our colleague, friend and fellow chef.

Godspeed Sifu Shi Zheng Liang.

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