Grain by Grain, Truck by Truck: How Myanmar Is Losing its Beaches

Booming construction fuels sand mining, threatens coastal environment and tourism

( NO Sand at Myanmar Beaches = NO Tourism and so no jobs for Chefs , Service or other related Job in the young Tourism Industry, every one needs to join the alliance against Sand mining in Myanmar, send your OK to //// Max Zaw Zaw , President Thein Sein and VP U Nyan Tun dismiss sand mining as it is illegal , the Rakhine State Government stopped it,private thieves , as well Yangon based business men,, Big Bank & Airline owner as well Chamber of Commerce leading member are still busy with illegal sand mining from people s trusted property – Oliver E Soe Thet ) Join the fight against Sand Mining and show this all in Face book to every one.,

Around every corner waits a new truck. Workers dig their shovels into the powdery white sand of Myanmar’s Ngapali beach, the country’s top seaside destination, and lift it onto the truck beds. Vast craters dot the coastline. Many are bigger than the swimming pools of the nearby luxury hotels.

Photo of Ngapali sand mining

Photo by Denise HrubyA booming construction industry is fueling illegal sand mining in Ngapali, Myanmar.

As a main ingredient of cement, sand is a vital component in almost any construction, whether that of a skyscraper or a middle-class home, a countryside road or a vast bridge. But the resource is finite, and as construction booms in Myanmar and across Asia, the industry has fuelled the illegal mining of sand — with harsh implications for Myanmar’s environment and burgeoning tourism industry.

Myanmar was ruled by a brutal military junta for decades. Few tourists ventured to Southeast Asia’s most impoverished nation, and even fewer made it to Ngapali, nestled in the remote Rakhine state in western Myanmar. Up until 2011, fewer than 1 million international visitors (including business travelers and tourists) arrived in Myanmar each year. Then, the junta opened up the country and began to make way for a civilian government. International arrivals are now estimated around 5 million annually.

Ngapali is still the secluded, pristine paradise for which Western tourists yearn. The beaches are white, the seafood fresh, and the coconuts meaty. Clamoring beach vendors are as hard to come by as a cell phone signal. But with the arrival of international tourism, hotel numbers have more than doubled since 2012. Construction is booming, and sand, mostly taken straight from the local beaches, is urgently needed. The sand on Ngapali’s beach has become a free-for-all.

Few have thought about the implications of mining beach sand. But Oliver E. Soe Thet, a rotund German who’s adopted a Burmese name and who used to serve as an environmental advisor to the junta government, is fully aware of the environmental toll. He now documents the depletion of the beach in Ngapali.

The waterline has already started to recede due to the disappearing sand, says Thet. In the evenings, the high tide comes in closer than before, causing erosion and decreasing protection from the storm surges common to this area. Moreover, as the high tide mark rises and more seawater seeps into the water table, subsistence farmland could become too salty to cultivate.

“Sometimes you see 10 trucks here at a time, and they are just shoveling sand onto them until they are full,” Thet says.

Several walls built to protect Ngapali from storms and floods that have lasted for years have now foundered — a sign that the sand they were built on is disappearing.

Though most of the sand is believed to feed local construction, some say Ngapali’s sand is also taken to the next largest town, where it is sold to middlemen — but mostly, workers shrugged their shoulders when asked about the sand. Nobody I interviewed seemed to know exactly where the truckloads of sand end up.

By nature, the trade is opaque because regulations are lacking, says Pascal Peduzzi, the head of the UN Environmental Program’s Global Change and Vulnerability Unit and one of world’s few sand trade experts.

“This is a fairly recent and emerging issue. Policymakers are not yet aware of this,” Peduzzi says, speaking of the sand trade. “Especially in developing countries, this has led to indiscriminate mining.”

After several complaints from hotel owners, Myanmar reiterated a ban on the “digging of sand at the beach” in 2014, but the ban was never enforced.

In a letter to Myanmar’s vice president in April, the Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business (MCRB) said that the practice still hadn’t stopped. The opposite: According to observations, sand mining “dramatically increased” in 2015, the letter reads.

Demand for sand isn’t just growing in Ngapali, but across the globe. According to the UN, sand and gravel are the most heavily mined solid material worldwide — at least 40 billion tons are needed each year for construction.

But according to Peduzzi, the issue of illegal sand mining is particularly pressing in Asia. “Asia is booming and absorbs most of the raw material worldwide,” he says.

Today, six out of 10 people live in Asia. In some cases, the continent’s huge population growth doesn’t just mean expanding upwards.

The island state of Singapore, for example, has grown in area by 22 percent since 1965. Some of Singapore’s epochal landmarks, like the Marina Bay Sands casino hotel, are built on sand. In awhite paper, Singapore estimates that it will need to expand by another 22 square miles in the next 15 years to keep up with a growing population.

Sand used in Singapore is already coming from Myanmar. In 2010, the year the military junta started to loosen its grip on the country and opened its borders to international trade, Myanmar reported that it exported 2.2 billion pounds of sand, worth US$5.26 million — all destined for Singapore. The figure tripled to US$15.11 million in 2014. Myanmar doesn’t report where the exported sand is being mined.

The true figures could be much higher, as illegally mined and shipped sand isn’t reported.

“It is very difficult to quantify the illegal trade, which by definition is not reported,” Peduzzi says.

What’s certain, says Bowmann, is that sand will be a more and more important commodity in the future, simply due to its finiteness.

“The problem is, the government is not thinking about sand in terms of its commercial value yet. There is no legal framework in Myanmar, although it has some of the largest sand resources in Southeast Asia,” she says, adding that sand is not just mined in Ngapali, but farther south too, as well as in rivers.

The junta hasn’t done much to regulate the trade. Recently though, local authorities in Ngapali sided with environmentalists, and ordered police to help enforce the ban, according to Thet. The move came just days before the curtain fell for the junta, and the National League for Democracy, headed by Aung San Suu Kyi, resumed leadership on February 1.

The NLD is inheriting a host of issues. Police and security are still controlled by the generals.  Aquarter of the country’s population lives below the poverty line. Corruption is ripe. There’s hardly any modern infrastructure. Ethnic violence between Buddhists and Muslims, which has led to violent attacks and killings, continues to pose challenges.

Bottom line, there are more pressing issues than sand mining, Thet says.

He figures the best he can do is raise awareness among locals. And for that, the strongest message he can send is not one surrounding the environmental concern, but one emphasizing long-term economic impacts of sand mining: If the beach loses its beautiful sand, tourism will falter.

“No sand, no tourists,” reads the simple message on local posters.

And yet it’s an uphill battle. Next to the poster, tire tracks lead to a small path down the beach. There, workers are hoisting sand.

If nothing is done to stop them, the sand will be gone in two years’ time, Thet says. But the recent support by the local government has made him more hopeful, and is at least a sign that the his campaign has drawn attention.

“If we want a sand beach in the future, we will need everyone to be on board,” he says.

Denise Hruby
Denise has covered Southeast Asia for more than five years and won several awards for her reporting, including the Young Asian Environmental Journalist of the Year award in 2014. She published Transitioning Cambodia with photographer Nicolas Axelrod and is now based in Shanghai.


Dear Chefs & Pastry Chefs

pls see here the info on the WACS World Congress and the cost involved , 775 Euro before 28.2. paid, plus flight and Hotel…

in Greece Thessaloniki City …..This is a good number of cost as usual…. More suitable would be maybe the congress 2018 in KL Malaysia,

where the travel cost and Hotels are much lower. – Here for info feel free to ask me any question, yours  Oliver E Soe Thet MCA Ngapali – Rakhine

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Tourism Staff & Host Community for Dental Care & Education

Free of Charge at Ngapali Beach Rakhine State – Myanmar

” Healthy Food for Healthy Teeth ”

Rural Area Dentist through World Chefs Without Borders

In the 9th year we go as the cooperation between German – Myanmar Dental ……, Myanmar Chefs Association under World Chefs Without Borders,- Myanmar… ” Healthy Food for Healthy Teeth “, established in 2000 by Dr dent Juliane Fruehbuss and Oliver E Soe Thet for a new generation in Myanmar with fast changing diets from traditional natural fruit, fish and vegetable, water and green tea,- to an over load of sugar in many ways and kinds to the new kid of Myanmar since several years,- with wealth there is also often a problem with health if not controlled, cleaned or treated. Report by 22.1.2016 Oliver

Dental Mission October 2015 / end January Myanmar MCA, Myanmar Chefs Associations – German Dental Voluntourism with the results up to date, more will happen until mid February by the now arrived Dr Helmut from Germany. The all figures are from Kayin Kyaung Delta Hospital, Blind School Yangon, Blind & Mental disabled Center, Ngapali Beach – South Rakhine treatments ……

1216 Screening

834 Treatment

488 Extraction

372 Fillings

106 Scaling s

14 Root Cannel

10 X Ray

3 Teeth reconstruction, 3 front teeth modeled by Dr Seeliger … the rural area clinic

This reconstruction of two front teeth sure the very first done in Rakhine rural area of Myanmar,- a master piece by Dr Robert thank you 


The most patients seen and at same time most treated was at Kayin Kyaung Delta where near every one which came was treated and most needed to be extracted….here at delta is high demand for Dentists.

Myanmar has for 52 million people between 2000 and 2500 dentists – Germany has for 82 million people 100.000 dentists and still all earn great money.

Best Teeth Hygiene and dental status was at the Yangon Blind School where nearly only teeth cleaning was done and near all screened patients had good teeth, well managed…as so often like on passed school exams the Myanmar Blind School is always outstanding through own efforts.


A part of taking their annual holiday time and spending all Flights, Hotels and most material by them self the German Dental Dr s also the German Dental Drs donated together over 3350 Euro for the MCA s – WCWB Flood Aid mission mid 2015……for housing, rice and clean water in Rakhine and Delta.


Urgent to stop and never start a negative project:

Very important is to highlight that one dental Health Ministry staff in Myanmar allows German Dental Students to train on Myanmar Delta patients from another organization just cause they donate so much…. These German students are never allowed to do same in Germany on patients as well not in Myanmar

normally. ( they are from the Witten University Germany, it is a disaster and need to stop ), Myanmar dental patients are the gunny pigs for German dental students training on humans to earn a fortune later.

Also they do not have all the needed Drs certificates, C of good standing, Drs approbation etc etc which are the rule in Myanmar, – same as in Germany // Students can never produce such it is a total Corruption of a small group only…… in one part of Ministry of Health at Union Level.

MCA-WCWB follows all guidelines since over 18 years applies to all rules and regulations to have all medical mission s on a most legal base by Myanmar laws and instructions for the safety of Myanmar patients as well convenience of the Foreign Drs.

Certified by the Dental Council and followed by experienced and respected Myanmar Dentists of the Myanmar Dental Association,- a MCA-WCWB coop partner since 2006 until now.

The Government must stop such practice that foreign dental students train on Myanmar people that is in no way ethical by the Witten University of Germany and by the people in charge in Myanmar.


All the German dental Drs ( same as all ENT & plastic surgery Drs ) work all through the arrangements from MCA-WCWB Myanmar Chefs Association which arranges all Union & State Government level permits, temporary Dr lizense for the foreign Drs, as well arranges all with local Government and inform all patients in townships. Also do all arrangements with the clinics and Hospitals where the treatment is. All permits are through the Union Ministry of Health.

The “ Solar Community Clinic “ is from MCA-WCWB and free of charge provided for the good work of the mostly German specialist Dr teams with experienced Myanmar Dr s supervision since 18 years , 9 years for the Dental teams, MCA does all the ground work and is the National NGO for all activities in Myanmar.


Thanks to Mr William GM of Merciel Hotel, Mrs Thein Thein GM of Thande Ngapali Hotel, Laguna Lodge Management and Mrs Sue of Yoma Cherry for having all their staff treated and dental screened a sign of good and caring Management. Only a healthy and painless staff can perform well, here free of charge treatment. Same thanks goes to 6 Head masters of schools in Thandwe District also for the Dental Education to young students of Myanmar. All positive signs more are welcome in.

Here some lines Positive developments in Myanmar & dentistry over the 9 years

– Increasing demand for fillings by the patients

– better oral hygiene

– better awareness for oral health

– willing for long lasting dental treatment as root cannel treatment

Here some Negative development

– much increased early child hood caries ( sweets at school shops are deadly for teeth s )

– young 2 years children have already multiple caries

– un healthy changing food habits

– more sweet drinks ( sweetened tin milk for babies )

– more sweetened snacks ( shops next to each school often by teachers revenue making )

– more snacks between meals without direct tooth cleaning


We like to thank the Union & States Health Ministry as well Dental Council for all support and here to Daw Khin Khet Khet Khaing for all procedures at the law & requests followed up, thanks to M, a Wai Wai for a never tired translation and organization on ground, the most thanks to President of German – Myanmar dentals Group Dr Julia Fruehbuss for driving the initiative with MCA- WCWB also in Dental Public Health for so many years and sustainable. The great hug goes to Dr Roland Ernst ( now for 3 month working volunteer in Zanzibar as Dentist ), Dr Angelika Ernst, Dr Wynn Kyaw, Dr Aung Than, Dr Ko Ko, Dr Rose, Dr Helmut Brinkmann ( which took a Grandfather year off after three years ), Dr Switek, Dr Guenter, Dr Robert Seeliger, Dr Axel Fruehbuss, anesthetic Dr Ulrike, Dr Happ, Ohn Tin Shwe at Solar Community Clinik and Dr Khun Zaw Naing.

All work volunteer for the in Myanmar by MCA-WCWB managed community based tourism support, voluntourism, Healthy Teeth through Healthy Food, thank you all…Thanks WACS and WCWB for their respected body of our trade.

Many greetings and thanks for this very important story, hopefully also in Myanmar version as it is important for Myanmar families

oliver E Soe Thet

President MCA / Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel

Rakhine Environment & Development Support

Global Board World Chefs Without Borders

Yangon, Sittwe 21.1.2016 , Myanmar

MCA Food Donation

MCA Secretary Daw Khin Khet Khet Khaing s Birthday food donation and

Young Myanmar Chefs Cooking lesson at the Yangon outskirts Orphanage 2015

During a MCA-WCWB micro credit tour at the Delta , Twante / Maubin region ( a MCA-WCWB project running since 7 years for up to 1500 farmers hard hit after Cyclone Nargis, here with interest free micro credits through the Steiner Aid of Switzerland, where 2 % interest the Trusty group can take for community improvements, – since years a top success project of MCA-WCWB Myanmar with a payback rate of 95 to 97,5 % , still running strong after all the years by MCA Secretary Daw Khin Khet Khet Khaing ).

It was there end of 2015 when Ma Khet Khet organized the money payments and collection that in the there often fish ponds were cleared and she could buy a lot of fish at farmers rates……

Quick all was loaded in Boats and at Twante into a small truck, the Young Chefs of Myanmar called to an outside Yangon poor orphanage to meet for a special treat at her Birthday…

Under the lead of Aghee, Zaw and Ye Nanda all young Chefs free that day came along and the simple, most outside orphanage Kitchen was used for the fish preparation, cooking and specially presentation. Young Chef s around Chef Kaung Myat Thu and Chef Kaung Kyaing had fun while working hands on with the orphans in the kitchen.

This was the special target next to the fish and here proteins which this orphanage never has as they can afford only Rice and Vegetable,- the target for the young chefs was to create different their own dished and present plated – designed for fine dining, restaurant cooking……

Each young Chef than took on and before the rich meals were served each young Myanmar Chef explained to the audience of orphans how he planned , cooked , designed , prepared his fish dish.

For Ma Khet Khet which financed all was it her for Myanmar usual food donation to friends and strangers on the day born. For the young chefs it was a great day of giving back to society / community, here the less advantaged,- for the orphans it was next to the very rare chance , get fish – proteins as a meal, also the great event of learning how to cook and display such meals, what it is ” To Be a Chef ” as Tony Khoo s cook book goes. Getting a taste on our all profession and possible one day we see some of these now young orphans knock our doors want to become chefs and members of Y-MCA, Young Chefs of Myanmar.

Well done by all a big salute to the young chefs of Myanmar and salute to Daw Khin Khet Khet Khaing for the great idea to promote Chefs, planning and arrangements that day, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs Association

Global Board, World Chefs Without Borders

Ngapali Beach, Rakhine – Myanmar 19.1.2016

Eating normal for the 1. time of live,- Live Changing through

MCA-WCWB, Interplast Munich and Kawthaung Regional Development Group

8th January to 15th January 2016

During the 2009 and 2011 charity plastic surgery of Myanmar Chefs Association and Interplast Munich – Germany , at Bago Region Hospital, Mr Thet Naing as head of local organizer requested already to have a charity,- free of charge plastic surgery mission planned in Kawthaung the most southern city of Myanmar at the Thailand border.

It took another 5 years, to change children s live and ensure normal eating for the first time,- mainly due to the medical missions in Sittwe Rakhine ( 5 teams in 2 years with still hundreds of patients in need of an operation ). In 2015 we kick started the Kawthaung mission and MCA volunteers flew to the south in December for final arrangements with the local coop partner, lead by U Aung Naing and his many members, all from different party and social society background.

MCA- World Chef Without Borders supported with 800 kg of Rice as well 100 quick test kits for Hepatitis B, C and HIV donation to the Kawthaung charity mission ( at 1200 $ US value ).

On 8.1. and 9.1.2016 we flew with the Dr Heinz Schoeneich lead Interplast Munich team from Yangon to Kawthaung. The team as combined of two teams which operated already the week before, one in Bagan and one in Pyapon Delta region,- after they came to Myanmar from Laos operations.

At the just open Victoria Cliff Hotel in Kawthaung, Manager Khin Kit gave an excellent 60 % discount to the German Dr team of Dr Heinz Schoeneich, Prof Heinz Hohmann, Dr Deneken, Dr Schoeller, Dr Ratta, Katharina with Myanmar senior Prof U Khin Maung Lwin. Important funds saving for more missions as thanks to the best ground work of U Aung Naing s group over 450 patients came for the screening many cases not seen and unusual 25 burn cases.

Two special cases which give reason to be concerned:

– A 12 years old boy came in with a burn wound on left chest, infected and already three years on with this,- when operated on 9.1.2016 Drs found even a worm inside the wound, this we believe no need to be, even a weak health system must have space to take care of such cases.

– A 17 years old boy with a very big leg was on the operation plan for 11.1. and than for later found out minor ground put off the plan where the real reason of a Myanmar Dr needs to be question very much as here pride or economical reason might have plaid a role for the action.

We will continue to help the boy that he get is final operation done soon.

The Kawthaung 100 bed District hospital was best prepared by MS Superintendent DR Nay Lin and his team, with different stations the hospital staff and over 100 volunteers of several NGOs ensured a smooth screening and registrations of all patients.

The first three days Thanindary, State Health Minister Dr Win Aung was daily present and supported the Interplast, MCA-World Chefs Without Borders mission active.

Already today during mission in full swing all partners decided that a second bigger team is needed for more days,- target is beginning to mid October 2016.

With the progress and direct at arrival day 9 patients done a total of 80 to 90 patients can be treated, where there are many special cases and over 25 time consuming burn cases.

At the Mogok Vipassana Dhamma Yeiktha with leader U Myat Thaung all 450 patients and followers are treated with shelter and 4 meals a day a total of over 700 people daily sponsored for the treatment.

MCA-WCWB supported with 800 kg of Rice as well 100 quick test kits for Hepatitis B, C and HIV donation to the charity mission ( at 1200 $ US value ).

We like to thank everyone for the full support to ensure this valuable medical and humanitarian charity mission, changing every patients live to a better on, the patients which could not be operated will be the next in October 2016. Special thanks to the Union Ministry of Health in Myanmar for the now 19 years always best support to all medical missions of Myanmar Chefs Association. Interplast Myanmar in 2017 with the 20 years anniversary. Thank you to Dr Nay Lin sure the most proactive MS of any Hospital in Myanmar over 19 years of missions for the German team and at same time best standard and best clean hygiene quality at any area of the 100 bed Kawthaung Hospital, outstanding job and staff.

Looking forward to the next mission than in Sittwe Rakhine from 12.2. to 27.2.2016 MCA – WCWB and the Dr Michael Bergermann team. There than also with Thyroid Drs as the iodine program in Myanmar did not reach this most western state of Myanmar, where we have since 2014 over 300 Thyroid patients registered , Yours

Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs Association

Global Board member, World Chefs Without Borders

Kawthaung 11.1.2016 – Myanmar

Whale Shark @ Ngwe Saung Beach !

Whale shark return highlights challenges of conservation_001

Whale shark return highlights challenges of conservation_002

Whale shark return highlights challenges of conservation_003

Season’s Greetings from the MCA


MCA Free Plastic Surgery South Myanmar, Chefs & World Chefs Without Borders ( WCWB ) 2016 Kawthaung Township Hospital – 8.1. to 15.1.2016

For the very first time Myanmar Chefs Association & WCWB in cooperation with German Interplast –
Munich Dr Heinz Schoeneich Team and the Kawthaung Regional Development P.C. – Ltd arrange
free of charge plastic surgery in to most southern town of Myanmar – Kawthaung.
All preparations on the ground are done MCA-WCWB received the working permits for the German
Drs from Ministry of Health as well local authorities and did first network meetings there on 8. & 9.12.2015.

We welcome if more support in terms of patients transfer from Dawaie, Myeik , Islands from the
Hospitality Industry in South Myanmar likes to help the patients also in terms of rice or food rations.
Who like to support the project can call 09 513 8411 Daw Khin Khet Khet Khaing MCA
permanent Secretary.

The team of Myanmar & German specialist Dr s will operate free of charge cleft lips and pallets , Burns
, any miss building s to better the live of such patients and ensure that they can work again best in society.
In Myanmar each year round 6000 new babies with cleft lips or pallets are born according to the General
Mother & Child Hospital in Yangon.

MS of Kawthaung Hospital can grant all Blood tests and medical drugs needed from State Budget,- Dr Nay Lin
in a separate meeting he introduced all department heads as well the Operation Theater and wards for the
than operated patients.
Main organizer Ko Aung Naing a social engaged heavy weight in Kawthaung call for a meeting with over 22
members of the Kawthaung Regional Development P.C. a group which involves in CSR and has as its members
near all political and student parties of different business young and elder a good partner for such a project.

We welcome if more support in terms of patients transfer from Dawaie, Myeik , Islands from the
Hospitality Industry in South Myanmar likes to help the patients also in terms of rice or food rations.
All the patients and families stay is arranged near the Hospital so that transfers are short.
Who has means and possibility to support the project can call 09 513 8411 Daw Khin Khet Khet Khaing MCA
permanent Secretary.

Special thanks to the Union and Regional Ministry of Health for granting the permissions, until soon happy
New Year and Merry Christmas,—for a new way of live of many patients ,
Ps.: The next MCA – WCWB plastic surgery mission will be in Sittwe – Rakhine again 13.2. to 25.2.2016 .
Both missions with sponsorship of Laguna Lodge – ECO Hotel Ngapali, Rakhine & Angel Travel & Tours Co Ltd.

Oliver E Soe Thet
President Myanmar Chefs Association
Global Board – World Chefs Without Borders
Yangon 19.12.2015

Head Chef and Restaurant Manager WANTED !


MCA Free Ngapali Community Support: 22.12. to 15.02.2016 Mission

Rakhine Community Responsible, Rakhine Community Based Tourism
Healthy Food  for Healthy Teeth // Free Dental treatment for hotel & restaurant staff , children

As mentioned twice already in the two weeks ago meetings of Rakhines Hotel Zone Ngapali at
Thande Beach Hotel,- MCA started the annual free dental care & treatment on 22.12. to 15.2.2016 the German
volunteer Dental Dr teams will do all treatments at the MCA Community “Solar “ Clinic in Linthar – Rakhine.

The Dr team is first with MCA – WCWB arrangements and under permit of Union Ministry of Health at Yangon Blind
School, plans the Deaf School and than 10 days at Kayin Kyaung station Hospital at former MCA Nargis Aid area treatment. 
–     Children and Adults, – Toothbrushes  for children //  Education in Oral  Health and Healthy Nutrition

Contact: MCA Ngapali: 043 42312 Ma Pan Su Aung // MCA Yangon: 01 501123 U Naing Oo
Laguna Lodge: 09 513 8411/ 09259093303  Contact:

MCA Office Yangon 3.12.2015 , Myanmar


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