Myanmar – WCWB “Healthy Teeth through Healthy Food 2013 – 2014”

A slogan to go global if it were up to Dr dent Julia Fruehbuss of German – Myanmar Study group on Dental Public Health and health Promotion and Oliver E Soe Thet, MCA, World Chefs Without Borders – Myanmar. A slogan developed over the past three years within a 6 years cooperation between the German volunteer dental Dr s and Myanmar Chefs.

For the sixth time Dr dent Axel and Dr dent Julia Fruehbuss came again to Myanmar for 8 weeks active dental mission, prevention and dental educative talks and lessons in schools,- active treatment and extraction at the Ayeyarwaddy Delta station Hospital in Kayin Kyaung as well the MCA – WCWB clinic in Rakhine rural area – near Ngapali Beach.

Dr Julia was with us already as each year for 10 days in September to prepare the longer mission at 2 bigger stations, arrangements and permits with Ministry of Health of Myanmar, as well coordination with the Dental Association and Dental Council, all long time partner of MCA – WCWB in this field. New was the start of a mutual cooperation with the owner of the City Mart chain in the field of consumer education with signboards on “ teeth un healthy products “- placing sweetened condensmilk not at best location but unsweetened and further brain storming to educate the consumer in Myanmar s fast changing diet and way of daily food – changing fast from natural to manufactured sweet and other added items until short time ago not existing in Myanmar.

The December 2012 mission than brought us and the team to Kayin Kyaung Delta Hospital where all people know MCA – WCWB well over the past 4 years after cyclone Nargis hit hard,- since than we are active here in the villages with over 1500 interest free Micro credits to organic farmer,- with over 1800 solar lamps rental to villagers which saves them 75 % of cost a months , both projects benefit to an education development,– where we are at present building the third Primary School for poor villages deep in the river channels. We like to connect projects and make the work sustainable. This project was under the lead of MCA Secretary – Mrs Khet Khet, Chef Than Win and Chef Naing Oo.

Dr Kyaw & Dr Phyo of Myanmar Dental Association joint the team for a 1 week mission,- a plan which I follow up since three years and always last minute we were not able to do it – this year all went well.

196 patients were treated free of charge, – 143 extractions 44 fillings were done. The Myanmar & German Drs were able to stay in one very beautiful old teakwood house and had daily a great meal after duty prepared by the villagers.

Clever business people sitting outside the schools and selling all the sweet staff to the kids, — parents and teachers should chase them away.

Myanmar TV International came over to cover the mission, Dr Julia Fruehbuss used the great chance to talk not only on this mission but much more on the importance of preventive education for dental matters and how in very early age midwifes, Drs and mothers can save already at babies stage teeth for the future. Where poor women take sweetened condensmilk – dilute with water and feed their babies as lowest cost – with the result of caries at most early age already a new syndrome of changing feeding habits in Myanmar. A nation wide broadcasted message is a most effective way to open ears. Dr Julia also did not felt short of telling the audience that “…. If a dentist tells you do not this and that – no one wants to follow,– but if a Chef with a big white Hat tells you this and this food is good for you than that is an total different message for the people – so the work for us together with the Chefs is very important to get our message through to the people….. “. 30 minutes dental education and Chefs for 50 million Myanmar at TV.

We have to thank very much to Dr Kyaw the young Hospital leader for all arrangements and all her staff for the big support, 2013 we will be back again and stay longer.


Linthar Village “MCA – WCWB Village Clinic “, since 5 years we run this small clinic, upgraded through our dental friends from Germany three years ago and since than their base for a longer work time mostly 5 to 6 weeks free dental treatment but also education

to students and kinder gardens. This project was under the lead of MCA Ngapali Chairman Chef Somchai and Chef Oliver.

This year with a great improvement as next to the two mobile dental units a big all in Dental Chair and a mobile Dental X Ray plus a sterilizer, autoclave, were ordered, financed by Dr Julia team and donors, which brought direct a much better work condition to the dental team. Another great improvement was that one more German Dental Dr, Dr Helmut Brinkmann from Duesseldorf joined the dental Team Fruehbuss in January 2013 for three week,- absolutely integrated , – he is planning his next mission in January 2014 already.

826 patients were examined and treated here in 5 weeks in addition many school children were examined in the schools and if needed sent with their teachers to the MCA-WCWB clinic, the joint project cover an area with around 5000 students.

534 extractions were done, 170 fillings, teeth s sealed to protect them, 118 trepanations on milk teeth done. So with the delta together 1022 patients were helped, 667 extractions , 214 fillings,- supported was the work by 4 volunteer s through MCA/ WCWB, two already for the 5th time which become already small specialists in dental Dr – assistance. At the end Dr Julia and team gave a gratification to all volunteers a win – win also here.

The dental school project: 942 students in schools were this time screened, Dr Julia and the dental Drs donated 400 toothbrush cups to the smaller students , toothpaste as well over 1500 toothbrushes, – in Myabin school a double toothbrush basin was installed and several lessons for daily after school meal tooth brushing were conducted, Mrs Katy a new volunteer to Dr Julia with good dental assistance experience joined the team this year which eliminated many language barrier in the schools, pre schools as well kinder gardens.

In between Dr Julia was again invited as Key Speaker to the annual Dental Congress in Myanmar, lectured about the German dental public health system.

Future projects in this long running sustainable health project of MCA – WCWB and Geman – Myanmar Study group on Dental public Health and health promotion are:

* May 2013 a wider Myanmar dental team is invited by MCA – WCWB to the region, working at the now full equipped village clinic as well field trips with the two mobile units. Treatment as well educative talks in schools. MCA – WCWB sponsors the accommodation for the Dr teams at the time. Dr Julia will be with us than again to prepareb for a wider program planned for November 2013.

* November 2013 is planned to do at schools a wider oral – epidemiologic study for the students between 6 and 12 years, which we will do with the backing of the Ministry of Health, Drs from Myanmar Dental Association as, Dr Aung Than,

Yangon University prof. Dr Zaw Tun Aung and Myanmar Dentil Council Dr Htin Aung . MCA – WCWB is preparing and in contact with the Ministry of Health.

* The vice president of Myanmar Dental Association joint as a member.

* The preparations for prophylaxes programs is further developed and will be fine tuned , translated, with cartoons to show case easy to understand the importance of dental health care right from homes and schools.

* A fluoridisation program for students started already and is planned to promote to country wide level,– MCA – WCWB has now repeatedly applied to the Minister of Health in Myanmar to boost such a project,- which brought down cavity and caries in other countries by up to 80 %.

A sustainable cooperation in Dental Public Health with Future Music to play:

Next to the formal support since 6 years now, MCA, World Chefs Without Borders – Myanmar signed in 2010 a cooperation contract with German – Myanmar study group on Dental Public Health and Health Promotion ,with the aim for a JOINT Health Strategy in the areas of food and nutrition for Myanmar. The uncritical takeover of NEW Food ( often sugar and acid rich ), which now in bigger loads push away the traditional diet of Myanmar, which was based on natural, seasonal products — we will here use the media, TV , magazines, business partners as City Mart Group to establish an educative discussion among Myanmar people not aware of many long term health – dental side effects from these new products.

The “ Healthy Teeth through Healthy Food “ project was jointly established in 2010,- now we will after the exploration phase about the eating habits, influenced through western style sugar and fat rich meals and drinks,- concentrate on the development of socio cultural adopted health support in different sittings, meetings with stakeholder of different areas. Up to WHO standards and within the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Myanmar Dental Association with the support of Myanmar TV International ( where the broadcasted presentation can be now used in schools and with mothers and midwifes as educational tool,— NOT only in Myanmar but in all countries of World Chefs Without Borders & WACS, easy ad low cost to copy and distribute globally, – contact or ) .

Dr Julia is at present working on a membership at “Transparency International “ in the field “Transparent Civil Society “ which also works with small organizations.

As a result of the now 6 years cooperation with MCA, World Chefs Without Borders – Myanmar, it was stated by Dr dent Julia Fruehbuss:

* Collective dental screenings and treatments of students are now on the 6th year

* A systematic dental data and will be taken now at Rakhine State at 7 schools

* Since 6 years all people of rural area communities get free dental treatment

* Development of Prophylaxis & Preventive Programs with teachers & parents

* Development and free educative dental care material for schools and parents

* Educational dental care, trainings and seminars for teachers, midwifes and parents

* Support of cultural and inter disciplinarian teamwork with Myanmar experts through seminars, trainings also to build up more dental assistance a good job opportunity for young people and Drs for further trainings.

* Scientific work in the field of the related to the population – social dental health, the promotion of health and their border areas as planned for 2013 – 2014.

Many things are achieved already, a trust between the German and Myanmar partners is well established,- with many thanks to all involved and all which made this possible again as, Union Minister of Health Dr Pe Thet Khin, Myanmar Dental Council Prof Paing Soe, Dr Wynn Kyaw the “Charity Dental Dr of Myanmar “.

And the many small and big donor to the project,- which make such initiatives only possible.—here a very big thank you to Dr Axel & Dr Julia Fruehbuss, Fabian Fruehbuss and Dr Helmut Brinkmann not only for their volunteer work,- but also that they take their holiday time,- close their clinics in Germany and Italy,- and spending all their own personal money to pay for airflights, hotels , meals you name it. Thank you very much in the name of the many patients, yours

Oliver E Soe Thet

President Myanmar Chefs Asociation

Global Board member, World Chefs Without Borders

WACS member, WACS certified culinary Judge

Yangon 14.3.2013, Union of Myanmar

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